Being a sex worker who is also in the process of transitioning, sometimes I find myself being in an uneasy alliance with the tools of the trade. Terminolgy.

Shemale. Chick with a dick. Fully Functional. Tranny.

I don’t identify with any of those terms full stop once I leave the hotel room or finish replying to a email or updating my website. I identify as a woman, no more, no less. The male appendage between my legs is my ticket to a successful transition, and at the end, will be no more.

There is no such thing as a women with a penis. Yet I feel stuck at the moment inbetween worlds, because to a lot of guys, being with a transsexual is all about the penis. We’re vessels, a delivery system, a feminine, non-threatening method of delivering a cock to the hungry mouths and holes of guys.

I’m going to explore this a lot in later posts. Thanks for reading.